Forking in an average of 50K profit per week for the last 6 years

Forking in an average of 50K profit per week for the last 6 years

14 Aug 2018


Laxmi Hari Nepal

Over the last 12 years, EB Pearls has sustained a positive relationship with a European agency developing WordPress and eCommerce websites.

This European agency provides services such as web design, digital marketing, and growth marketing for their clients. They have a number of high profile clients, and while internally they can manage many aspects of their services they found they were experiencing a shortage of the technical skills required for development working. In particular, when looking at its business strategy over a decade ago, the agency found that their business’ growth was stifled by the small size of their development team and the high costs of bringing on new developers.

Seeking solutions for their predicament, the agency started looking at an outsourcing solution and found EB Pearls. As with every agency onboarding, arrangements were made in which the agency was able to assess EB Pearls’ development abilities with a few initial projects. The output spoke for itself, and – as a no-brainer decision – the agency signed on EB Pearls for more projects and have continued to trust the development team and their technical skills.

Through EB Pearls’ development partnership offering, the digital agency has since taken onboard 22 EB Pearls team members for their technical team.

What we do for them

As part of our services for this European agency, EB Pearls is responsible for supporting their internal team on tasks including WordPress and Magento web development, site maintenance, testing, and post-deployment work.

As experienced providers of these services, and particularly regarding our development skills, we have found that the European agency is better able to manage their client-facing activities and design aspects of their work without worrying about the development side. After such a long partnership we have reached the perfect balance between our teams to ensure that operations run smoothly and the agency has happy customers.

A relationship built on mutual respect of expertise

Since the engagement of EB Pearls, the agency has been able to sustainably produce their best work. Over 400 websites have been built by EB Pearls, as a testament to the success and efficiency of output.

This has been solidified by an unprecedented amount of industry recognition with an impressive tally of more than 20 awards under their belt.

Such success in this long-standing relationship has only been achieved through careful collaboration between the agency and EB Pearls.

For each project, the agency’s account manager worked closely with a dedicated project manager along with a team of developers. Using the agile methodologies, taking on feedback and continually optimising, a concrete process of communication and documentation has eventuated. Expectations are defined and scope of work understood from the outset. With this strong foundation, the agency and EB Pearls are able to work in unison.

More specifically, EB Pearls conducts bi-weekly sprints within the development team, with each sprint focusing on some specific feature/s. At the end of each fortnight, the team meets to discuss the task completion, improvements to be made and what the next feature/s that should be moved to the next sprint should be.

Of course, we also ensure that the agency is kept in the loop with a retroactive summary of each sprint. The agency also has the opportunity to provide their own feedback for performance improvement, which are then taken on by the team for future sprints.

In addition, to ensure that there is accountability and transparency in the work our team conducts, extensive reporting is provided the agency on a regular basis. Developers maintain a timesheet and update the progress on assigned tasks everyday. For mission critical projects, EB Pearls go above and beyond to send nightly builds to deliver timely updates. EB Pearls also provides the agency fortnightly and monthly reports that shows how effective resource utilisation has been. As part of our commitment to constant improvement, we work with the agency to understand how we can improve our performance using this data to guide our decisions.

Of course, there have been ups-and-downs along the way, with some hurdles EB Pearls and the agency have had to overcome. However, with an utmost commitment to serving the client as best as possible, EB Pearls was always forthcoming and receptive to feedback to improve performance. Seamlessly, both the agency and EB Pearls are able to learn quickly and bounce back to produce its best work.

High quality work

We have always worked towards delivering the best products to the agency, committed to strengthen the relationship we have built over the past decade. We have invested in training our developers with valuable skills to make sure that we are able to execute projects perfectly each time.


EB Pearls strives to uphold a high level of integrity when it comes to our project delivery. As such, we believe that building a strong foundation with scoping allows us to make sure that we set expectations that we can meet and communicate this clearly to the agency. Over the last 12 years, we have continually improved our scoping process with this agency, facilitating a seamless workflow. Initially, our developers perform a comprehensive design audit to ensure that the architecture and flow is all concrete. Following this, an exhaustive storyboard is created, which annotate designs and detail the functionality that needs to be built. In this way, we ensure that we lay out exactly what features need to be implemented and meet deadlines without a problem. This attention to detail is exactly what differentiated EB Pearls from other development services for this agency.


Over the last 12 years, the agency has definitely challenged us with some ambitious designs and requested functionality. Of course, we have always risen to the challenge, taking the time to understand and keeping in mind the agency’s vision for each of the projects.


We can not discuss modern web design without taking into consideration of mobile browsing. It has now become a staple of web development to create optimised experiences for users on the mobile. In fact, over 50% of all web browsing is done on mobile phones. So, it goes without saying that EB Pearls ensure that the websites that we develop for this agency (and for all our websites) are functional and look great on all devices. We ensure that we conduct extensive quality assurance on a wide range of devices before we deliver the final product to the agency. EB Pearls has been able to sustain a high standard with our responsive optimisation, a demonstration of our commitment to creating the best products we can.


Of utmost importance for any website, is the guarantee of security for their users. EB Pearls was able to and continues to, provide the agency the assurance that our developers take all necessary precautions to protect user privacy and security. We take measures such as the schedule of regular security scans and checks, patching security updates, ensuring sanitation of data and testing vigorously.

Speed Optimisation

Compromising the performance of a website essentially means the compromise of a seamless user experience. User frustration on a website is quickly apparent with INSERT STAT. However, we know that it’s very important to ensure that websites consistently perform effectively, so we take the necessary compression and minification measures to ensure the optimisation of speed on all websites that we deliver to this agency.  

Quality Assurance

All of the code that EB Pearls write goes through meticulous and rigorous testing. We ensure that the websites we build work on all devices and match to the pixel perfection of the designs provided by the agency. We also cross-check with storyboarding and scoping documents to ensure the site functions as it should. EB Pearls also invites the agency to test and provide feedback before they deliver to the client, so they have the peace of mind that the product they deliver is as close to flawless as possible.

An unforgettable journey

To further strengthen the working relationship, an open invitation was extended to the agency to visit EB Pearls Nepal office, where the developers worked. As a highlight of their trip, the agency was able to finally meet the team they so often Skyped and emailed with, in person. They were able to fully immerse themselves in the organisational culture that EB Pearls fosters – one that focuses on teamwork and excellence as core tenets.

Not only was the agency able to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime experience of travelling to Kathmandu, a rejuvenation between the agency and the technical team was sparked in their work. Respect and trust was strengthened and the relationship were solidified.

Looking to the future

The agency continues to sustain this relationship with EB Pearls. It is a 13-year strong working relationship that has reaped countless benefits for both parties. EB Pearls is incredibly proud to have been given the unique opportunity to work with the agency.

With every project that is passed to our team, EB Pearls continues to finesse its technical skills and improve its process to sustainably deliver amazing results time and time again. Looking into the future, it is exciting to consider where this relationship heads into the future as EB Pearls continues to be proud of the work the agency is able to do.

Laxmihari Nepal

Laxmi Hari leads the Agile transformation in our organisation, creating a culture that embraces agile practices. He trains and coaches our employees to adopt agile methodologies, instill agile values, and develop an agile mindset, resulting in improved performance.

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