Google Hoping to See a Saviour in Nexus7 Tablet

Google Hoping to See a Saviour in Nexus7 Tablet
Akash Shakya By Akash Shakya July 4th 2012

On 27 June 2012, Google and Asus have combinely developed and unveiled a tablet called Nexus7. Probably this July, Google is going to give birth to her very own and first ever tablet, named Nexus7. This baby runs on the latest version of Android OS (4.1) using Chrome as a default browser. It seems light (340g) and smooth with its powerful processor, 1 GB RAM and 8 hour battery backup.

This newly unveiled tablet with 7-inch screen has been perceived as a tough rival for the prevailing market frontiers like iPad, Playbook and Kindle Fire.  Though when it comes to iPad, no one seems even near to its overall market share, as Apple’s iOS alone covers 65% of the global share of the Operation System, followed by 20% for Android OS, as per June 2012.

As expected, Nexus7 has got the privileges of accessing the contents of Google Play as well, along with its over 600,000 applications and games, as anticipated.

Google is not the first one for launching such tablets; many tried and failed; only a couple of such attempts could put their feet in the global tablet market. But, with Google, the expectation is different and positive enough.

Can this replace the iPad or Playbook or Kindle Fire in anyways, as much speculated? In the womb of time, what is preserved for it, time will show. July is not far.

If users find it friendly enough, its price range 199 USD for 8 GB and 249 USD for 16 GB storage will be proved as its most powerful weapon, powerful enough to redefine the global equation of the tablet market share, in the face of 500 USD for iPad.

After all, it entirely depends on how users feel about it, despite the rush scenes for pre-orders or new arrival sales graph. Sustainability is the major concern, which will be tested on the ground of the unusual combination of sophistication and simplicity, elegance and comfortability, amazing features and users’ preferences.

Akash Shakya By Akash Shakya

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