Empowering Mental Health Awareness and Support with a Mobile App

Explore the collaborative journey of creating DTC’s Great Life app with EB Pearls. Delve into the valuable mental health information, engaging activities, and confidential support it offers. Discover the client’s vision, the challenges overcome, and the successful outcome achieved through responsive design and key features

Technology Used

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Understanding the Client:

Davidson Trahaire Corpsych (DTC), a subsidiary of Covermore, sought to extend its digital presence and address the growing need for accessible mental health resources through the Great Life mobile app. The app aimed to educate users on mental health topics, provide engaging activities, and offer confidential support contacts

Our Approach:

Digital Garden, a leading digital design agency, partnered with EB Pearls, a software development company, to bring DTC’s vision to life. By combining design expertise and technical finesse, the teams worked collaboratively to create a user-centric and functional mobile app.

The Challenge:

The challenge was to create a mobile app that seamlessly integrated educational content, engaging activities, and confidential support services while ensuring a smooth user experience across both iOS and Android platforms. The teams had to understand the client’s requirements, align their workflows, and address any technical complexities.

Responsive Design:

Digital Garden’s talented designers worked closely with EB Pearls to develop a responsive design that maximized user experience. By considering various screen sizes and device capabilities, the teams ensured the app would adapt to different mobile platforms and provide a consistent experience to all users.

The outcome:

The collaborative efforts of Digital Garden and EB Pearls resulted in the successful development and deployment of DTC’s Great Life app. Through the app, more individuals gained access to valuable mental health resources and support, promoting awareness and well-being in the community. The successful outcome demonstrated the power of collaboration and technology in addressing mental health challenges and making a positive impact.

Covermore Wellness App

Key Features:

Educational Content:

The app offered a wealth of mental health information in an easily digestible format, promoting awareness and understanding of various mental health topics.

Confidential Support Contacts:

The app connected users with confidential support services, such as helplines and counselors, ensuring they could seek professional help when needed.

Our role in the project

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  • Web Design
  • Service Design
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  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • NodeJS App Development
  • ReactJS App Development
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