Our role in the project

User experience

  • Innovation Consulting
  • Research
  • Stakeholders workshop
  • Product strategy
  • UI/UX Design

User interface design

  • UI/UX Audit
  • UI/UX Design
  • Visual design


  • VueJS
  • NodeJS Backend/API integrations
  • iOS app development
  • Android app development


  • Product strategy
  • User testing

Technology Used

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Define Requirement

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User Problems

User Problems

The app is developed not to convince users of anything.  They are re-telling old and sacred stories and having discussions about them to learn more. The app can bring people closer together so that they may figure out how to belong to and with people in this world. They believe in community.

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Business Problems

Business Problems

Practice Media, the founders of Pocket Fuel, came to EB Pearls with the goal of helping others practise their Christian faith by publishing blog entries in the style of “daily devotionals” for the app’s users. One of the main goals of this app was to incorporate the app’s content into the users’ daily lives.

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The project is about providing people with daily fuel through blog posts. Besides, user involvement was created by developing a design that effectively communicated the content while avoiding appearing too ‘clinical.’ EB Pearls produced an aesthetic that has a profound personal feel to it, which is perfect for the App’s very spiritual content. We also did similar projects like LTSA and Storyteller.

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Backlog creation

Backlog creation

Once the product owner generates and prioritises the product backlog, the team decides which activities to perform in a sprint based on importance. The team members then increased each item to more than one sprint task as they moved from the product backlog to the scrum backlog, so that they could efficiently distribute their work during each sprint.

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Backlog grooming

Backlog grooming

Refinement sessions and backlog prioritisations were conducted to eliminate ambiguity while maximising clarity. This made it easier for the team to see what jobs were coming up next in the backlog. The grooming sessions also provided an opportunity to reassess stories in light of fresh facts.

Swift Mobile App Development Swift Mobile App Development
UX & UI design

Design Sprint

Design Sprint

The design sprint guaranteed that everyone on the team was on the same page, resulting in a successful team cooperation. This method is incredibly efficient, allowing teams to produce deliverables while also confirming assumptions about users. Our UI designers designed to create a design that is clean, modern, engaging, and visually appealing. 

user testing

User Testing

User Testing

To test the features, each member of the testing team served as an end-user, and the Pocketfuel team was also included in the testing process.We needed to pay attention to small things that could have been overlooked during development because they can have a notable impact on the overall project. 


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"Daily Devotions" is a type of blog system."Daily Devotions" is a type of blog system.

Users receive daily articles that drip feed content in order to maintain a consistent user experience and allow the app to become more interwoven into their life. Users were able to pick an optimum time to read each daily post using subtle push alerts.

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User-friendly content saving and sharing

Users can save and bookmark their favourite devotionals for later reading, as well as share devotionals with friends and others, fostering a sense of community and attracting additional users to the app.

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Swift Mobile App Development Swift Mobile App Development





One of the major lessons that the company has learnt from this project was that even if we are implementing something new to the audience, we need to be flexible enough to cater to other audiences as well. We have put our hard work to create wireframes, flow diagrams, and so on. We also created too many business rules for avoiding loopholes, that made it rigid for the admin or the sales agent if something changes.


Next steps

Next steps

Pocket Fuel is an app that appeals to a wide range of users due to its elegant design and ease of use. An app built on a blog-like framework that encourages user retention and involvement.The first major version was produced on time and on budget. With EB Pearls, the app will be updated with new features and capabilities on a regular basis.