5 Helpful Tips for Creating High-Converting Landing Pages

5 Helpful Tips for Creating High-Converting Landing Pages

22 Jun 2022


Michael Signal

Creating effective landing pages is essential to achieving your content marketing goals next year. Landing pages help you increase conversions, lower your costs for lead generation and grow your customer base.

So, how can you create landing pages that further nurture leads and encourage them down the sales funnel?

Here are some tips to help you create landing pages that will generate conversions in no time.

1) Use Strong Visuals in Your Copy

The best landing pages have a strong visual element that speaks to a specific audience. If you can create a landing page that speaks to a specific audience, clarify your offer and invoke action, you’ll have a much more effective landing page.

To keep people focused on your copy, start by using strong, bold visuals that enhance your headline. You can also use bullet points to break up your copy and make it easier for people to read.

2) Make Things Interactive

One of the easiest ways to keep people engaged on your landing page is to ask them specific questions. For example, you can ask people to fill out a form, submit a testimonial, or share your content on social media.

You can also use social proof to increase trust. Studies have shown that humans are more likely to do something if others have done it before them.

3) Personalise CTAs

If you want to grow your business through content marketing, personalisation is a must. That’s because people respond more positively to content that’s relevant to them.

The best way to create personalised landing pages is to use customised, targeted CTAs. Using specific language in your landing page’s CTA will help you speak to the individual visiting your page. It also increases the likelihood that they’ll convert.

4) Highlight

No matter what offer you’re promoting, you want to highlight your authenticity. That’s because people are more likely to follow your call to action if they trust you.

You can increase your credibility by using social proof, using testimonials, or including a photo of yourself. A lot of marketers like to do this on their LinkedIn page.

5) Use Compelling Content

The content you use on your landing page is just as important as the design. One of the mistakes that marketers make is using a landing page to promote their product without providing any information about it.

Instead of pushing a specific product, you want to focus on how your product can help people solve their problems.

To help you do that, you can use question-based content or educational content. Not only will this help you convert your visitors, but it will also help you get more long-term engagement.

Why Landing Pages Are Crucial to Conversions

When it comes to content marketing, landing pages are crucial to your success. They help you create personalised content and convert leads.

Landing pages are a necessary part of your content marketing plan next year. If you want to boost your ROI, you need to create landing pages that will generate conversions.


If you’re looking for new and creative ways to market your business next year, then you need to start using smart content marketing tactics. Creating an effective landing page is the first step to doing so.

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Michael is the creative brains of the company and he leads the UX and UI team at EB Pearls. He has experience of over 20 years in interaction design and have designed digital products for Fortune 50 companies all over the world.

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