How to Build Your Website

How to Build Your Website

10 Aug 2017


Laxmi Hari Nepal

Time for your developers to now turn static images into dynamic pages – giving life into your website.

Technical development process

After defining the design, it’s just a matter of building the dynamic and interactive site. Thankfully, your web developers will sort out the technical details. However, you will still be contributing your feedback as the pages are built, ensuring that the site reflects the designs.Make sure that the content structure is in order during wireframing and design, prior to moving into development, since the developers will rely solely on these pieces to build your website.

Although your web developers will be doing most of the heavy lifting, it is important to have some level of understanding of what happens in this phase to aid communication with your project manager.

Here are some buzzwords you might want to know:

Frontend development

Building what the user sees when they browse the site. This part of development controls the basic structure as well as the design of your business website.

Backend development

Importance of modular content

Since your business is always changing, you will need a system that will allow you to change your website easily. Before you start development, confirm with your web developer that they will be building the backend using a modular approach.

This means that, as an administrator, you will have the flexibility to choose what type of sections you want to add, remove or edit in the backend with ease. Ultimately this means you will allow you to have agile control of your online presence.

Laxmihari Nepal

Laxmi Hari leads the Agile transformation in our organisation, creating a culture that embraces agile practices. He trains and coaches our employees to adopt agile methodologies, instill agile values, and develop an agile mindset, resulting in improved performance.

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