iPad Mini Is The Upcoming Avatar of Apple

iPad Mini Is The Upcoming Avatar of Apple

19 Jul 2012


Michael Signal

iPad Mini: For the Sake of Loyal Users and in Search of Marginal Users

From different sources, the news is coming up that Apple is working on its iPad mini to ignite the iPad market again. If the New York Times is to be believed, Apple is on its way to bringing an iPad with a 7.85-inch screen, with ‘significantly less’ in price compared to its $499 iPad. However, no official statement has come up, so far.
Why a smaller iPad? In order to safeguard their ecosystem. Because for the first time, iPad has got a potential rival for which public acceptance throughout the globe is such overwhelming that it might soon change the equation of global tablet market share.

Nexus7 has stirred up the tablet giants’ think tanks to make strategies seriously on the 7-inch option. Though creativity has no end, at the moment the number 7-inch may have overwhelmed the iPad producers.

Surely iPad doesn’t want to loosen its grip on its loyal users, plus approaching the marginal users. So, it will be no wonder if iPad lovers hear of Apple bringing the mini iPad with the technical perfection for which it is recognized.

Currently, iPad has covered 62.8% of the global tablet market share.

Size Matters: Light on hand, easy in a purse and fit in a pocket

Since the Nexus7 has shown the depth of willingness of people to carry their gadget with them all the time, definitely the 9.56-inch tall market king will again come with all its features and application armies to re-confirm its undisputed empire of the global iPad market share.

Now men want it in their pockets and women in their purses. However comfortable size with smart functionality is what tablet users prefer.

Users who wanted it to be as light as they could hold hours without feeling its weight got their answer in Nexus7. People who were using iPad, who had tried Kindle Fire and couldn’t shift their heart from iPad to Kindle Fire also got their answer in Nexus7. They got the feel of the technical sophistication of the iPad and its innovative size in it.

Being the undisputed king of the tablet world, iPad will certainly harness this new corner which they have not tried yet. That is why speculation of iPad mini version sized 7.85-inch screen is pretty high.

Price Tag: users expect it to be ‘significantly reduced

iPad can’t afford to enter the market without considering the price tag hugely. Otherwise, people will not find any reason to buy $499 instead of $199 with almost the same level of utility.

Before this, it was not much worried about the price because no one could counter iPad in its functionality. However, this time users have tasted the low price with an equally sophisticated and user-friendly fun box.

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