7 Key Elements to Include on an App Landing Page

7 Key Elements to Include on an App Landing Page

09 Jul 2019


Binisha Sharma

Every business dreams of a landing page that converts. If you’re a software dev, your app landing page is crucial to your success.

App landing pages need all the help they can get. You need to make sure that all the elements of a good landing page are there to increase your conversion rates.

If you’re looking into optimising your conversions, you need to make the most of the most crucial landing page elements.

In this guide, we’ll teach you the 7 landing page components that can help your app. We want it to be landing page get more visitors and more conversions.

This is how you create an effective landing page. Let’s take a look.

1. Application Name and Icon

The first thing you need with your landing page features is to have a powerful name and icon design. Much like a headline, your app’s name is the one people are looking for. One of the key elements of a landing page is putting your headline in big bold letters.

Where you can, set your app’s name as your H1. This puts it to the highest level of relevancy on your landing page. This also lets your audience know that they’re on the right page.

It’s best to also put your icon on top with your app name. Among landing page components, the app logo and app name are vital for your customers to see what they’re searching for.

2. Compelling Headlines

Contrary to popular belief, people don’t have short attention spans. Rather, people who are searching on the internet don’t have time for shenanigans. If you want an effective landing page, you need a headline that gets it all in one short phrase.

The job of your headline is to reveal as much information about the app in as few words as possible. When it comes to landing page content, the headline needs to be three things. It needs to be:

  • Concise
  • Useful
  • Descriptive

Your headline needs to provide clarity to anyone looking at your app landing page.

3. Relevant Subheadings

The next thing you want is to have clear, relevant subheadings. When it comes to search engines, landing page features that reinforce the main keyword is useful. Subheadings also provide a natural reading break for your visitors.

Much like your headline, your subheadings need to be short and descriptive. They need to be snappy and invokes action. You want them to divide your landing page content into smaller chunks that make sense.

This does two things for you. For your SEO and marketing, this lets the search engine understand better what you’re trying to say. For your human readers, this gives them information that is easier to consume.

4. Clear Value Text Content

For an effective landing page for your app, you need to provide detailed and concise landing page content. You want information that talks about the areas that potential leads value the most.

Use relevant keywords to help your headline and subheadings improve visibility. Be concise in your marketing strategy by telling them how you will resolve their pains. Talk up the features and benefits of your app.

Your text content will help people understand your app better. This is among the landing page components that can help give you the extra edge.

5. App Images and Videos

Whilst you want to make sure there are sufficient content and colour in your app landing page, visuals are more important. Images and videos of what people can expect in your app can help convince them your solution is right.

App images and videos in landing pages are different than other products. Not only should you show your app in the photos, but you also need to guide people on its features as well. You want to use valuable calls to action and talk up what your product does better.

Videos should demo your app. Among your landing page content, images and videos are some of the most crucial. These are the landing page features that can help a skeptic go over to your side.

6. Powerful Call To Action

The call to action is one of the most valuable elements of a good landing page. This is how you direct your potential leads to the actions that you want. A good CTA should be quick, concise, and obvious to the audience.

To make the most of your CTA, it’s best to put it in areas that are easy to notice. Use calls to action in your conversion buttons. Add a way to convince your users to push the button and download the app.

If your app is not yet launching, use your CTA button to sign people up to your mailing list. This gives you an opportunity to sell your product’s benefits better.

Add some social media sharing buttons and encourage people to pass the message around. The buttons should be big, easy to press and easy to find. You don’t want something that camouflages with your total branding.

7. Branded Colours and Whitespacing

Speaking of branding, you want to make sure there are sufficient branding styles across your landing page content. You want something that bears your corporate values, style, and way of dealing with customers.

The elements of a good landing page with branding is both in the colour and layout. Accent your landing page with the brand’s colours. Use seamless page styles that help keep the customer engaged by scrolling down.

Where you can, add lots of whitespaces as well. This makes the app landing page better, crisper, and more helpful in conversions.

Learning The Best Landing Page Elements Now

When it comes to finding the most crucial landing page elements for your app landing page, a combination of good branding, clear messages and a compelling title can help you with your work.

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