GRAZIA sought a development partner who had experience in setting up a new WordPress VIP website for them. Having over a decade of experience in WordPress technologies, EB Pearls was able to offer these development services.

Project Overview

A pixel-perfect design was prepared for EB Pearls to match and build for the WordPress VIP platform. A keen eye for detail was definitely required in this project, given the nature of the sophisticated brand. It was imperative that EB Pearls captured the nuances in design and functionality that was expected. In addition, it was also imperative to keep in mind a set delivery date for this project since there were business repercussions for the launch with their advertising partners. EB Pearls committed to ensuring that we worked towards this launch date as best as we could.

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User experience for business success

The highlight of our collaboration also included an analysis of GRAZIA’s user experience strategy. EB Pearls assessed the current offering and suggested improvements and executed on the build. One such example of this improvement was the continuous scroll on the article page. We improved the typical paradigm by having the next listings to load beneath the article, keeping in mind that users may not necessarily be interested in the next article, but can easily navigate through additional articles without having to go back.


Publishing made easy

As with any other website build, it was important to keep backend administration in mind. WordPress VIP’s platform is famously intuitive to use and EB Pearls took advantage of this simplicity to ensure that day-to-day management of the site was as seamless as possible. However, in addition to the standard considerations, EB Pearls also had to consider some unique requirements of GRAZIA’s website management.


Final Thoughts

In summation, GRAZIA and EB Pearls collaborated closely together to ensure that the site was delivered as per the requirements specified, and the design was executed flawlessly. The development team worked diligently to ensure that we completed tasks and addressed feedback promptly. The result delivered was one that is polished and met expectations perfectly. GRAZIA and EB Pearls continue to work together on a retainer basis to improve the site.


Our Services

  • User experience
  • User interface design
  • Wordpress CMS

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