Website Content 101: How to Write Killer Copy to Capture Your Audience

Website Content 101: How to Write Killer Copy to Capture Your Audience

23 Apr 2019


Renji Yonjan

Do you know how to write killer content for your website? Not just articles related to your niche, but materials that will really capture your audience? The kind of writing that brings traffic back again and again?

Knowing how to write great website content is a skill that will build an engaged audience. It establishes you as a valuable resource providing solutions, information, and insight into the niche you occupy.

Keep reading to learn how you can create the kind of content that will keep your audience coming back for more.

Know Your Niche

Content works best when it’s specific. The more thoroughly you can cover your subject matter, the better you’ll attract an engaged audience. The goal isn’t to attract the most visitors but to target those invested in your materials.

There is value in creating more general content. It can be a great way to introduce a new audience to your area of expertise. But if your plan is to convert customers, then going niche is the key.

Create Headlines that Stand Out

When writing for blogs, it’s important to catch your readers’ attention. Headers are an excellent way of making a quick impression.

Catchy or intriguing headlines stand out, so be bold when crafting yours. The more enticing the language, the likelier that the reader will continue with the rest of the article.

Start Strong

Have you ever looked for a recipe only to face an essay about the author’s boyfriend’s nephew’s aunt, all before you even get to the ingredients? While some might enjoy that kind of structure, most people would rather get right to the meal.

Getting to the most important information early rewards your audience for visiting. Even if they don’t read the whole article, knowing you will give them what they need quickly makes them likelier to return.

Include Calls to Action

Once your content is drawing an audience, you have engagement. Capitalize on this by incorporating calls to action into your work. Save it for the end of your articles, otherwise, it can come off like a sales pitch.

By including a call to action you increase your chances for engagement. It’s a great way to turn readers into customers.

Don’t Forget SEO

Practising good SEO will help in many different areas. Not only will it help your audience find your content, but it can help guide what you write.

Keyword research is an excellent way to brainstorm topic ideas. It’s a great way to gain insight into what you’re readers are looking for. It also lets you make the choices that will result in organic search results.

Good SEO should be at the core of everything you do. It’s a framework that will reward you with results.

Final Thoughts on Creating Website Content

Many businesses overlook the importance of content when developing a website. Often, nailing the design is the focus.

While a well-designed website is essential, it’s the quality of your content that leads to return visits. People don’t visit websites regularly because of how they look. They return if the sites have the information they need.

Following the above principles will help you develop killer website content that will keep your audience coming back for more.

For more ideas on developing your business site, visit our blog.


Renji is always striving for the best at any given moment, both in and outside of work. Her constantly inspires and motivates her teams so that they grow and improve both professionally and personally.

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