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The essential guide for finding the right funding for your mobile app idea

As the primary interface between us and our smartphones, mobile apps are bridging the gap between people and companies, through delivering smart solutions to common consumer problems. An estimated 85% of our smartphone usage is in-app, and coupled with the meteoric rise of mobile first technology, the appeal of apps to both businesses and entrepreneurs should be obvious.
As an idea, the app is an enticing prospect, able to reach millions of users at scale. But modern software development cycles can be quite aggressive. The ‘dorm room developer’ has less of an opportunity without the solid financial backing to bring ideas to market. Yet, innovation remains a key driver of technology.

Timing is everything, which is why being able to fund your mobile app idea is just as important as the idea itself. In this guide, we offer tips on finding the right funding structure for your mobile app and offer advice on how to take your app from concept to finished product, with a little assistance from EB Pearls.



  1. Developing A Financial Plan
  2. Choosing The Right Funding Method
  3. How To Apply For A Government Grant
  4. How to start a crowdfunding campaign
  5. Bank Loans
  6. Finding Investors
  7. Conclusion

finding the right funding for your mobile app idea

Chapter 1

Developing A Financial Plan