EB Pearls Win The Manifest Global Awards for 2023’s Most Reviewed B2B Partner

EB Pearls Win The Manifest Global Awards for 2023’s Most Reviewed B2B Partner

24 Dec 2023


Akash Shakya

Global Award Winner

For almost two decades, EB Pearls has been a pioneer in delivering unparalleled design and development services to businesses aspiring to make their mark in their respective industries. Over the years, the company has had the privilege of collaborating with numerous exceptional clients globally, working on diverse projects ranging from cutting-edge wearable applications to high-performing websites that redefine user experiences.

Business to Business Award

Today marks a moment of profound pride for EB Pearls as they celebrate a significant achievement that underscores their commitment to excellence – the company has been honoured with a prestigious award during the annual Manifest Global Awards. EB Pearls has been officially recognized as one of the most reviewed and recommended service providers, particularly excelling in blockchain and smart contract development in 2023, according to the B2B research shortlist by The Manifest, a reputable and independent business news resource.

The Manifest, known for providing extensive content covering various B2B industries worldwide, annually acknowledges and celebrates top service providers who have not only earned the trust of their clients but have also garnered the highest number of testimonials over the preceding 12 months. The recognition solidifies EB Pearls’ position among the industry leaders, reflecting their dedication and expertise in the field.

The significance of this accolade extends beyond mere acknowledgement. It is a testament to the trust and dedication that EB Pearls’ clients have placed in the company. The award speaks volumes about the team’s commitment to excellence in blockchain and smart contract development, showcasing their ability to meet and exceed client expectations.

Gratitude permeates the response from EB Pearls as they express thanks for the recognition. The team attributes this achievement to the unwavering support and trust of their clients. The acknowledgement also underscores the importance of honest reviews from clients who took the time out of their busy schedules to share their positive experiences, contributing to the company’s reputation for reliability and innovation.

The Manifest Global Awards serve as a celebration of past achievements and a catalyst for future endeavours. For EB Pearls, this recognition is not just a feather in their cap; it is a commitment to clients and partners – a promise of continued dedication to delivering top-notch services and forging successful partnerships.

As the team reflects on this significant milestone, they extend a heartfelt thank you to those who have been part of this journey. The award not only signifies past accomplishments but also serves as a source of motivation for the team to continue delivering exceptional services in the future. The recognition is a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines EB Pearls‘ approach, where clients are not just customers but partners in the journey toward success.

Looking ahead, EB Pearls is enthusiastic about the opportunities the coming year may bring. The team is eager to build on existing partnerships and explore new avenues for growth and innovation. The Manifest Global Awards have not just marked a pinnacle of achievement; they have opened doors to new possibilities and ventures for EB Pearls.

The company’s success is not just about the skilful execution of projects but also about the relationships built along the way. Clients and businesses interested in experiencing the excellence of EB Pearls’ services are encouraged to reach out and start a conversation. The team is not just a service provider; they are collaborators, ready to understand and meet the unique needs of each client.

In an industry where innovation is the currency of success, EB Pearls has consistently demonstrated its ability to stay ahead of the curve. The award in blockchain and smart contract development is a testament to the company’s proactive approach in adopting emerging technologies and methodologies.

EB Pearls understands that the digital landscape is dynamic and ever-evolving. To stay at the forefront, the team is committed to continuous learning and adaptation. The company’s success is not just a result of its past achievements but a reflection of its capacity to evolve and embrace the challenges of the future.

The Manifest Global Awards are a recognition not just of what EB Pearls has accomplished but also of the potential that lies ahead. The acknowledgement serves as a reminder that the pursuit of excellence is a journey, not a destination. The team is committed to pushing boundaries and setting new standards for innovation and client satisfaction.

As EB Pearls bask in the glory of this achievement, they also recognize the responsibility that comes with being recognized as a leader in blockchain and smart contract development. The team is poised to take on the challenges and responsibilities that come with being at the forefront of technological innovation.

The recognition by The Manifest is not just about the present; it’s a glimpse into the future. EB Pearls envisions a future where they continue to be at the forefront of technological advancements, driving innovation and shaping the digital landscape. The award is not the culmination of their journey but a stepping stone to even greater heights.

In conclusion, EB Pearls’ recognition in the Manifest Global Awards is not just a celebration of past achievements but a promise to clients – a promise of continued dedication to delivering top-notch services and forging successful partnerships. As they express gratitude for this honour, EB Pearls look forward to a future filled with exciting opportunities and continued success. The Manifest Global Awards have not just recognized their accomplishments; they have set the stage for a future where EB Pearls continue to thrive, innovate, and lead in the dynamic world of design and development.

Akash Shakya

Coming from distributed computing background, Akash manages the Sydney operations. He is highly technical yet very business focused and is always driven to create successful business products for our clients.

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“We’re very happy with the results of EB Pearls’ work. Since its launch, the app has had over 7,000 downloads, with around 6,000 users completing the signup process in the first 6 weeks. ”

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Giuseppe Saffioti

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