DTC'S Great Life

Davidson Trahaire Corpsych (DTC) is a subsidiary of Covermore, providing information about mental health to the public. EB Pearls took on this project as the development team, collaborating with Digital Garden, a digital design agency to bring this project to fruition.

Project Overview

DTC went to Digital Garden to design a mobile content app to extend its digital presence into the mobile space. EB Pearls offered the technical expertise in iOS development and Android Development, required to deploy this application. successfully.

With mental health being an important issue today, DTC’s GreatLife app offers a very noble service to the public, allowing users to access information on the go. Not only was this a content app, but also provided users activities to complete and contacts to utilise if they want to discuss their mental health concerns confidentially.


Understanding User Experience

Digital Garden’s team is comprised of talented UX designers, and EB Pearls made sure we were able to successfully deploy this app by taking the time to communicate with Digital Garden, learning and understanding their workflow and vision concerning this app.


Technical Finesse

Our versatile development team meant that we were able to provide both iOS and Android developers for the project. This meant that the app’s reach was increased across both platforms, and therefore more people.



Digital Garden was able to provide a very sleek design to maximise user experience, and we were able make it functional. Ultimately, this means that more and more people are educated in an engaging way and able to access appropriate services. EB Pearls is privileged to be part of such a project.


Our Services

  • iOS development
  • Android development
  • API development

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