Hum Hospitality

Hum Hospitality seeks to make running small businesses that need food produce, such as restaurants, cafes, schools and aged-care facilities. This B2B operation by acts as the buffer between these businesses and the suppliers.

Project Overview

Hum required EB Pearls to develop a mobile app to bring their innovative ideas to the marketplace. This meant packaging a solution that allowed businesses to purchase items from the Hum app, which curates a list of supplies. Suppliers receive these orders and delivers them accordingly.

The simple concept of the project is to centralise supplier orders for small hospitality based businesses in one app. This means acting as a hub for connecting the two together without having to deal with inconvenience of traditional methods of paperwork and calls.

Hum wanted to take a mobile first approach, commissioning EB Pearls to develop an iOS and Android application for small businesses to order from suppliers. Alongside this, as an e-commerce product, a Shopify solution also had to be provided.

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Hum, with EB Pearls, have been able to create an app that is the first in its industry. With a noble purpose, Hum Hospitality undoubtedly helps many small businesses manage their supply order conveniently, allowing them to focus more on delivering value to their customers.


Automated eCommerce System

To facilitate an easier experience for customers, the app features a very intuitive method for ordering produce needed. In addition, an option to place recurring orders alleviates the need to continually update orders.


Custom Content Management System

To perform tasks like managing orders and updating product ranges, EB Pearls created a CMS tailored to the needs of Hum Hospitality, allowing them to conduct business smoothly.


Our Services

  • iOS development
  • Android development
  • API development

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