JasonL is an office furniture specialist, offering businesses the ability to purchase furniture for their office spaces. They also offer additional services of installation/assembly, project management and space planning to businesses as well.

Project Overview

JasonL needed their current shop, which was using a Magento solution, to now be hosted with Shopify. The store itself required a huge degree of customisation, which presented quite a challenge since Shopify has limitations in terms of its customisation capacity.


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There were many variables that had to be taken into account by the EB Pearls team in order to deliver the desired results from JasonL. These included, the inclusion of multi-level product categorisation and automated product import. It was also important to keep in mind that Shopify presented some technical challenges to be overcome.


Improvement of Current Product Management

EB Pearls was able to develop a solution that enhanced JasonL’s current product import process. For the most part, this is now automated, so they have more time to focus on more growth stimulating parts of their business.


Multi-level categorisation

Shopify presented EB Pearls the technical challenge of applying more advanced categorisations. However, we were able to overcome this by exploring the capabilities of Shopify and customising to achieve the desired results.



This project was technically difficult due to the move from Magento to Shopify. However, we worked closely with the client to understand the requirements, ensuring that the variables have been covered properly. This, along with the thorough research and exploration of the Shopify platform, allowed us to deliver a great product.


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