Our role in the project

User experience

  • Innovation Consulting
  • Research
  • Stakeholders workshop
  • Product strategy
  • UI/UX Design

User interface design

  • UI/UX Audit
  • UI/UX Design
  • Visual design


  • VueJS
  • NodeJS Backend/API integrations
  • Flutter app development


  • Product strategy
  • User testing

Technology Used

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Define Requirement


The application needed to be easily accessible by staff and contractors working for Hemisphere Constructions and allow information to be sent back to the Hemisphere office quickly and securely. Therefore, it was important to ensure that the application was fast and intuitive to use, while being secure enough to upload internal documents.


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User Problems

User Problems

Staff and contractors of Hemisphere Constructions needed to be able to see tasks that were assigned to them, view and manage their schedules, upload images for other users to see, and create enquiries for projects that they are currently working on. The app also needed to allow staff to clock in and out of their worksite and manage the working hours of staff. EB Pearls had to implement functionalities to track user’s location and send this information to Hemisphere Constructions’ administrators.


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Business Problems

Business Problems

Hemisphere Constructions did not have a way of quickly and efficiently managing their staff and tasks throughout the business. These processes had to be done manually and were spread across a number of different programs, making them take longer than desirable, and increasing the room for error. This created extra work for Hemisphere staff and contractors. It was important for Hemisphere to centralize these processes into an application created specifically for them, where they had full control over the features of the application.


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To understand the requirements of the Hemisphere Constructions team, we worked collaboratively across several weekly workshops aimed at identifying the features that the application would need. As each feature was identified, we worked to find the best way to implement each feature into the app’s user experience. This ensured that the app flowed correctly, and each function was accessible for users.

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Backlog creation

Backlog creation

Throughout the app project, the product owner had the task of creating, maintaining, and prioritizing the product backlog. This product backlog is a list of the new features, changes and fixes that the application needed. Once the product backlog had been managed, the team determined which tasks to complete during each sprint.

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Backlog grooming

Backlog grooming

Backlog prioritisation and modification sessions were done to minimize ambiguity and maximize the clarity of each task. This process helped the team understand the upcoming tasks and ensured that the team worked uniformly throughout each sprint. The grooming sessions also allowed time for re-examining user stories based on new information. This gave our team the ability to propose new ideas and methods of completing certain features, making the end product a more user-friendly application.


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UX & UI design

Design Sprint

Design Sprint

Once the UX phase was completed, the UI design phase could begin. Throughout this phase, the EB Pearls team worked with Hemisphere Constructions to provide them with an end results that met their vision for the look and feel of the app. EB Pearls ran weekly workshops where Hemisphere were able to see the updated designs and leave feedback to be implemented. The EB Pearls design team also used their expertise and experience to advise Hemisphere on the best design practices. This collaborative process led to a design that was attractive to users while also allowing them to navigate the app comfortably.

user testing

User Testing

User Testing

Internal testing was carried out in order to gather input and improve the product. The most crucial element we kept in mind after the initial testing was easy navigation to the appropriate screen, as well as screen consistency.

Sign in
Request Delivery
Create Enquiry
Tasks overdue

Live Task Management:

Workers can use the app to send enquiries and upload documents back to the Hemisphere Constructions team in real time. They are able to see updates and responses to their tasks and enquiries as they are working, and log their progress on each task as jobs are completed.

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Shift Management:

 Hemisphere Construction staff and contractors are able to sign into their job site using the app. The app will log their hours at each job site and send this information to the app administrators, removing the need to manually log and track hours. The app with also record the location of users when signing in and out of each job site, ensuring that workers are at the correct location.

Mobile App development
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EB Pearls has been able to work with Hemisphere Constructions to create a business solution that allows them to effectively manage their job sites, staff, and contractors. The creation of this application was a collaborative process and had heavy involvement from Hemisphere to ensure that EB Pearls were able to produce an app that functions how they envisioned.




Next steps

Next steps

Once the app was launched, it reached on the hands of users and then we started receiving  feedback. After that, we incorporated all the feedback into the next versions. The next steps to take is to look for the opportunity to resolve problems. EB Pearls will continue to provide maintenance and support for Hemisphere ensuring that their app in regularly updated and secure.