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Raising capital, creating a battle plan, and launching your startup. We’re here every step of the way.


Fully equipped for success

How to launch a startup. Because the world needs your unique app.

We know that putting the basis of a new startup is not easy. You have to raise capital, create a startup business plan, figure out marketing opportunities, and more.

Is this the reason you postponed taking your app idea and making it real? That’s what the Startup Service from EB Pearls is for: we show you how to launch a startup, from getting the funds you need, to creating a killer pitch for your app and start selling it to customers worldwide…

Seed Capital

One of the most difficult things to do when launching a new business is getting the capital for it. If you need capital to put the basis of your startup, we are here to help. We can contribute by launching CrowdFunding campaigns and spreading the word about your app. The entire team here at EB Pearls is always on the look out for new financing solutions, so we can assist you by applying to R&D Grants and working on supporting investors with financing.

Have a positive attitude! Getting hold of the necessary capital is just the first step of the way – and it can be achieved faster than you think.

Implementation of solid product growth plan

To ensure that your product will float and fly after its launch, you need to make sure it will attract users and paying customers. Do you know how you are going to do that?

If you want to attract investors to your startup, you will need to show them a solid battle plan that guarantees your app will rock the boat in terms of revenue and ROI. At EB Pearls we will show you how to build products that spread rapidly among users and determine user addiction.

Our brainstorming sessions ask the right questions to challenge the way you see your product. You can thus show your app’s top strengths to your investors, and the world.

Running a successful startup

Creating and nurturing a startup that is based on a business app is different from other business models. So you need to know the new business rules. We can show you what are the most important areas of your business you should focus on once your product is live.

Most startups focus on a lean startup methodology. However, we also take into account the importance of having a clear execution plan, as well as a sharp customer acquisition plan.

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