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Why EB Pearls is a Perfect Fit for Startups?

Running a start up is a rather complicated process, one with enough related concerns to keep an entrepreneur’s head spinning with the belief that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. This is why relying on EB Pearls is vital to the success of a start up – the qualities which we bring to the table have brought success to our many clients, after all. Here’s just some of what you can expect:

The best of both worlds

The team at EB Pearls takes advantage of technology by spreading our team out and effectively giving our clients the best of both worlds from a professional standpoint. High-quality big city design comes from our designers, located in Sydney. Meanwhile, our development team works from our Kathmandu office.

Careful strategic planning

How many busy companies take the time to give prospective clients a free consultation? What about high-tech companies sitting down face-to-face and putting together a strategy for a client? This is the sort of service our clients experience with EB Pearls, and it’s just the start. We believe in taking the time to prove that we’re dedicated to providing the best possible service.

An impressive portfolio of work

If you take a look at our huge portfolio and the names of highly satisfied clients – such as MyInterview, Fitness Calendar, Fiestafy and so many more – you’ll see that we know what it takes to create a striking, high-tech brand for a start up. We know what it takes to get a start up’s name out there, paired with the sort of branding that gets noticed. Time and again we’ve managed to play a part in the success of our clients, and we know we have what it takes to repeat that success.

A friendly yet professional team

There’s nothing worse than trying to work with a team with whom you just can’t relate. Either they’re unprofessional or far too stuffy, and this affects your working relationship, or you simply don’t seem to speak the same language and much of what you would like to see come out of your work together gets lost in translation. Either way, the end result is less than ideal. That’s just not the way we work. We believe in being professional but also in the sort of outside-the-box, innovative thinking that helps us set our clients apart.

Strategically Growing SME’s With a Digital Agency

Creative thinking can make a big difference in any size business, small, medium or large. SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs – do you want your dreams come true? As an SME or startup, you probably have limited resources, especially when it comes to people.

Technologies now are convergent, which facilitates the easy transfer of data and documents, on the other hand advance communication allows the provision of service at anytime and from anywhere. This has emerged a big question in the world of SMEs and startups, which is better onshore, offshore or onshore offshore.

What are the differences between these shores?

Offshoring is when the entire project is handled in a country with significantly lower cost base. With offshore companies, you cannot have the total control over the project or you cannot get the local reliability. The development process actually cost little but the demand is higher for communication and travel costs.

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