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5 Ways Agencies Can Deliver More Value to Clients

Your clients are incredibly important, they are the backbone of your business, without them you have no business. This means that it is incredibly important to make sure that they are happy with your service. Offering seamless service means less stress for you and the possibility of future business from them again or referrals. To keep them coming, here are some things you can do to offer more to your clients!


Underpromise and Overdeliver


This classic sales line is a classic for a reason, it makes your clients absolutely fall in love with you, but, it is definitely easier said than done. You definitely won’t be able to overdeliver for your client every time. But if you’re always aiming for simple satisfaction, you will only ever achieve just that, or you’ll perform under the belt. Making your goal overachievement, means you’ll produce over or perfectly, but never mediocre.


Always make sure they’re in the loop


The importance of communication can not be understated. Clients are putting their brand in your hands, trusting you to deliver more for their business. They will always want to know how their project is doing. Thus, it is very important to always be available to answer calls or emails. Always let them know of different milestone progress. Something like a weekly report definitely goes a long way. Clients with peace of mind, means you have peace of mind.


Don’t be late


“Early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable.”

Make sure you stick to the timeline you give to your client (or be ahead of schedule). Handing in milestones late means that clients lose faith in you, and if you’re late enough times, you will definitely be out of favour. You lose a lot if this happens:

  • Ability to take on future projects they want you to
  • Referral work from client’s connections
  • Positive testimonial for featuring to future clients


To make sure this doesn’t happen, make sure you keep track of all client projects, don’t drop the ball on any. You may also want to include some extra ‘padding time’ to any time estimations your give, so allow for any problems that arise. If you finish early, you’ve overdelivered and your clients are even happier!


Make sure your employees are happy too


Your employees are the ones who are doing the work for the clients. In many cases, they are interacting directly with your clients, representing your company. Making sure that employees are satisfied doing their work, deriving value from their jobs, this will translate to the client. It is amazing how far good client relations and services will go in terms of bolstering your business.


Take their projects further


You might be able to deliver stunning designs to your clients, but they have to take this design to some other agency to develop them. Why not give them this option directly from you? Outsourcing technical work has become a popular move digital agencies are making to deliver more to their clients. There are many benefits, including, but not limited to lower cost, versatile skills, time-saving and high quality.


Deliver more to your clients by taking your business to the next level by providing development services without having to hire anyone. Contact one of EB Pearls’ representatives here to find out more about how!


Are In-House Developers the Only Answer For Agency Growth?

It’s very exciting when you start to grow your agency, and it’s very important to be able to sustain this growth, so business expansion is definitely on your mind. One of the most logical growth strategies seems to be offering development services alongside your design expertise. That’s all well and good, but the recruitment of an in-house developer is time-consuming and hiring them is very costly.

According to payscale.com, a developer can cost upwards of $100 000 in salary compensations a year.

But hiring in-house is definitely not the only solution available. You can still expand your business without wasting your time unnecessarily or breaking the bank.

Have you considered outsourcing?

Many businesses, including many agencies have turned to outsourcing for their development work. The advantages of outsourcing are direct solutions to the disadvantages of hiring in-house. Here’s the proof:

Low Price

Partnering with an outsourcing partner means taking advantage of the lower wage rates overseas to complete work. You might be suspicious of the quality delivered by these outsourcing firms, given the low price.

The easy way to check the legitimacy of these firms is by finding (or requesting) their portfolio and past client testimonials. Check for the functionality of their websites and apps, and take note of how many they have provided. In this case, quantity is a good indicator of quality!

Save Time

You’re good at what you do, designing beautiful solutions for your clients. Taking time out of your already busy work schedule to hire a new developer is definitely not ideal. Not only that, but who’s the say that you’ll get the right person for the job.

You don’t have to go through any of this with outsourcing. If you are able to find a reputable outsourcing partner, they will already have qualified developers available for your projects. This means you’ve got access to a pool of talent, just from one firm.

Versatile Skills

Clients are always wanting different solutions to their business problems. These are exciting to take on, as they present different challenges and offer variety. However, if you’re thinking of expanding your operations to include an in-house developer, this may present problems.

There aren’t many individual developers who are able to work in different technologies seamlessly, and if they do, they come at a hefty cost. Hiring more developers in different technologies just adds more stress to your life and uses up more of your already finite time and money resources.

Partnering with an outsourcing firm means that when you get projects with different requirements, outsourcing businesses will be able to provide you with the talent required to move the project forward.  

Want to find out about outsourcing development? Our EB Pearls representatives are experts! Contact us to find out how you can take advantage of outsourcing in your agency.


Development Outsourcing Myths Debunked

Agencies are always very nervous when they hear about outsourcing development. There is a lot of information floating around about this, and it is very confusing to differentiate between correct and incorrect data. However, you should not fear since EB Pearls is here to alleviate your fears by debunking the common outsourcing misconceptions.

Outsourcing = Lower Quality Work


Although one of the key advantages of outsourcing is the lower costs for your agency, you might look at the lower price tag as a deterrent, equating it with low quality. This is completely warranted since it is more important to get the work done well, than to spend more unnecessarily to fix up problems that arise from bad work.


However, the equation doesn’t have to work out this way. You can have the lower overhead and the high quality if you choose the right development partners. You can check their legitimacy by taking a look at their portfolio. Even if they simply do development work, there should be examples of work that they have done featured on their website or available at your request.


There is no better indication of quality than portfolio work and testimonials from clients. If the outsourcing partner is reputable, there should a multitude of good projects and positive feedback featured. Otherwise, you should be wary of the company.


We Only Want to Focus on our Design Work


“The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.” Confucius


It is completely understandable when agencies are hesitant to expand into development, since it means diverting efforts from the creative process of designing elegant solutions. Having to manage development teams takes time and if something goes wrong, having to deal with this causes even more headache.


But, if you get the right outsourcing team, you will be able to extend your business services to include development, without losing any focus. An established and trustworthy outsourcing partner will have the optimum workflow that integrates seamlessly with yours, so you don’t have to chase two rabbits. You still maintain your vision and offer more value to your clients.


The legalities will be a nightmare to deal with


There may be many legal issues that may concern some agencies, namely intellectual properties, non-disclosure and employment arrangements. You are probably taking on a lot of projects at once and you don’t want to add more unnecessary work to your plate.


No fear! There are alternate solutions. Namely, going through a local liaison for off-shore development. Having correspondents on local soil is definitely a huge plus in terms of having trust in the outsourcing partner and dealing with legal matters. Usually, these companies clarify any legal questions you may have, with firm practices regarding NDAs and IP. Additionally, unlike overseas based outsourcing companies, you have access to dedicated staff locally who will be able to communicate with you if the development team is unavailable.


Why not give outsourcing a go for your agency? Contact us to find out how to partner with a reliable and knowledgeable outsourcing firm.


3 Common Challenges That Small Businesses Face Online

Owning a small business is sometimes… anything but small. If you are a small business entrepreneur you probably know what we are talking about. Sometimes, the challenges that small online businesses like yours face are nothing short of exhausting.

But if you want to make it big in the world of online sales you have to learn how to avoid the issues that cause most small businesses to get out of the game in the first 5 years.


The most important advice we can give you, is to plan ahead. This is the only way you will be ready to face the marketing challenges that lie ahead and, even better, overcome them.

Let’s talk about the 3 most common challenges that small businesses face in the online marketing world today:

1.  Not giving enough credit to your online presence

Some entrepreneurs don’t even take the time to build a professional online presence. Big mistake!

The first thing people turn to when they need something is the web. It’s where everybody is at and if you are not on it, your business is certainly missing out. But, as basic as this first challenge may seem, it is often overlooked even by social media and online business giants.

If you are not doing it on a regular basis, then you are not doing it at all. The reality is… an online presence is one of the most rewarding features of running a small business, if not the most rewarding.

Let’s take your website for instance. Where else can you grow the number of your “online shop” visitors in a very short period of time? Your website is the number one place where you can convince your customers that you are worth it.

So before you establish an online presence with your website, you need to learn how to create a strong visual brand that takes your business message across the online environment.

Nowadays, one of the most important website features is called “responsiveness” (the website adapts to the size of the screen it is being accessed from).

Do you already have a responsive website for your business? If not, click here

2. Expecting  too much too soon

It takes time to build a strong brand, no matter what type of business you are in. Miracles don’t happen overnight, especially if you are on your own. Think about your long-term goals instead of focusing on the moment frenzy.

Taking things step by step is the only solution to building a powerful online brand. It’s easy to get distracted by tangents along the way, so keep your mind on the final result. When you invest a lot of time and personal effort on your online presence, you probably expect new prospects to be flooding in.

That isn’t usually the case.

But, if you do wish to speed things up a bit, there is a simple solution to help you achieve that: creating a mobile app to complement your website. Did you know that in 2015, more people accessed a website from a mobile device than from a desktop PC? This only goes to show that mobile apps and mobile websites are the next thing in the online world. Actually, they are already the thing!

Are you flirting with the idea of having a mobile app? Click here to learn more.

3. Doing it all on your own

Things might seem pretty easy to work with in the beginning. This goes without saying. But you will notice that, after some time, the pressure will become too much to handle. Perhaps you are reluctant to having new members on board… but this will eventually become necessary.

And that is good news!  The more profitable your business becomes, the more people you will need to have around you.

And if other team members can’t do the job, a website and app development company certainly will.

That is the definition of growing your business into a powerful money-making machine: in today’s flexible world, you don’t need to hire people in order to grow your business. All you need is to know where you can find the collaborators that can take your online presence to the next level.
Are you ready to boost your online presence with a modern, customised website and a branded mobile app that are focused around ROI and conversion optimisation? Then contact one of our representatives today at 1800-857-679 or click here.

5 easy steps to capture leads effectively

Are you starting to lose some ground in your sales department? Are you trying to turn leads into (returning) customers?

In every business one of the most important goals is to bring more and more customers. You need to keep the business constantly moving. But every goal has its little goals, and every little goal has its even smaller steps. And each of those steps needs to be followed thoroughly so you can get the best results.

The same process is used when you want to turn leads into (returning) customers. It resembles a lot with the construction of a house when, if the foundation is not built strong enough, you might not be able to finish the rest of the house.

So let’s see 5 simple methods to turn website visitors into faithful customers and – why not? – brand ambassadors…


While email marketing might not be the “prettiest” marketing strategy, it is still one of the most efficient for generating more leads, conducting them through the sales filter, and building a loyal customer base. Through emails you are always in contact with your audience.

There are multiple types of emails that you can send, among the most popular being:

  • promotional – when you announce your latest promos
  • opt-in – when someone subscribes to your newsletter
  • transactional – when someone makes a purchase
  • newsletter – when you are informing your database about your latest blog posts or news release

The important thing is to be careful when creating the emails. Your emails should be persuasive and engaging but not disturbing.

Extra tip: include images, options for sharing, and do not forget about the call to action.

Form Submissions

The forms should be well optimised with auto responder. The main goal of any sales page is to reduce friction as much as possible. Imagine placing all the questions above on a single, long page filled with requests. That’s some serious friction over there! It would definitely chase customers away from the page, affecting your profits…


LiveChat is software that allows your audience to ask live questions, the best part being that you can answer right away. LiveChat is a great opportunity for you to establish a connection with your community.

They can see how involved you are in your customers’ well-being and how much you care about giving them the best experience with your business. It is a great way to see how you are managing their inquiries in real time.

Phone Calls

Maybe some of your website users don’t have the patience to type in long messages or maybe what they need to talk to you about is more complicated.

Having a phone number available on your website makes things so much easier. It also gives them the feeling that you are always available and willing to listen to what they have to say.

Bonus tip: Thanks to the ever-evolving technology like Twilio, now you can rack phone calls to see how many of them are coming from your website!


Sign-ups are forms where users leave their personal information such as name and email address so they can keep in touch with your business.

They have already purchased something from your website, but you don’t want them to stop there; you want to turn them into returning customers. So you are using sign-up forms to keep your customers updated about your promotions, your latest releases, and your contests. It makes your community engaged and thus increases the chances of earning a returning customer.

In conclusion, the connection you build with your audience is very important. It is a continuous process and you have to take care of it on a daily basis. And now that you know the secrets of building up customer loyalty, all you need to do is implement the strategies and start reaping the rewards of returning customers!

How to Attract Visitors to Your Website via Channels

Would you trust a brand you know nothing about? Would you give that brand your hard earned money in exchange for a product or service you are not sure will perform as expected?

For most people, it is quite hard to trust businesses they have never heard of specially in the online space. As a business owner, the good news is that it’s not impossible to win your target audience’s trust. It might take a while and you should always reconsider your marketing strategies, but in the end it is all worth it. The tricky part? You already have a massive competition who is also promoting their business online. So how do you convince people to visit your website and buy from your business?

In this week’s article, we have prepared a list of activity that you need to consider in order to attract more visitors to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO refers to the visibility of a website in a search engine such as Google. It is a complex combination of strategies that are designed to make your website structure in a way that a search engine understands.

If done properly, SEO improves the number of visitors to your website through a simple process: getting high-ranking places in the search results. If your website is found within the first page of search result you have better chances of increasing your visitors.

Quick Tip: For a SEO complaint website, please contact EB Pearls.


AdWords is an online advertising service from Google that brings your website into the ad part of Google. If you know how to properly choose the most relevant keywords for your business google adwords can bring substantial number of visitors.

Google Adwords is a pay-per-click type of advertising, meaning that you pay only when visitors click on your website or contact you.

Display Advertising

Display advertising can be done through Google ad network or any relevant website from your industry to display responsive banners. It is a great tool for remarketing, once a visitor lands on your website – your display banner ads will follow them whenever they are on display network website. This will help to increase your brand awareness which eventually builds trust among users.


Social media platforms are everything nowadays. And as a business owner you should know the importance of having a social profile of your business.

With a social profile of your business you keep your visitors and customers engaged. And more importantly, you can create a variety of marketing strategies to attract visitors. Social media has revolutionised the way we see, understand and do online marketing.

Referral sites

Referral sites is an intelligent way for you to get more website visitors. These sites will refer your business on their website through a link that sends visitors to a sales page on your website. If visitors decide to purchase something from your website, the person referring you gets a percentage of the sale.

Of course, you should choose a trustworthy website owner to recommend your services, someone you know personally or through a business networking event.

Online Reputation

As the name suggests, online reputation is all about your businesses reputation in the online environment. Watch out! Your online reputation matters more than you think.

How is your online reputation built? It is created by the sum of online reviews you are getting from your customers. If you want to drive more visitors to your website, your business’ online reputation should be flawless.

People tend to read between 6-10 reviews before they make an opinion about your business. For your online reputation to be impeccable, you need to ensure those reviews are all 5stars reviews.

In conclusion, there are a lot of ways in which you can drive visitors to your website. However, it is a lengthy process. But if you take things one by one, you will soon notice an increased number of website visitors. You should always deliver the quality in everything you do, starting with the marketing strategies and ending with the quality of your products/services.

Why do you need a responsive website?

Why are all web designers and web developers insisting you to have a responsive website?

You may have heard a lot of people talking about responsive websites, but nobody took the time to explain how come they’ve become SO important almost overnight.
So in today’s article we’ve set our minds on presenting the 4 key benefits of responsive websites and how they came to be.

The birth of responsiveness

Remember when all you could do with a phone was… well, give phone calls? Those days are long gone, as now we use our phones as our second selves. And that’s not all. We also use tablets (thank God for those super-mini-smart-laptops!) and laptops, and smart watches – and what not!

Technology is now available everywhere. Accessible from almost anywhere.
There was only one problem… the websites were not adapted to the size of the screens they were being accessed from.

How can websites adapt?
That’s the question a lot of website developers asked themselves. They noticed that more and more people were ditching the traditional desktop PC and embracing the “internet on the go”: accessing the internet from their mobile phones or mobile gadgets.

Thus, within the last years a technique known as “responsive design” started to gain traction. Nowadays, it is the main and most popular way to deal with “mobile vs desktop” web design issues.

Shortly put, responsive eliminated the need for users to zoom in and out when navigating on a website from their mobile devices.

Can you believe that by the end of 2012 there were more mobile devices than people?
Knowing this, it’s easy to understand how responsiveness has become SUCH an important factor in an online business’ website conversion rate, ROI, profits, and search results rankings.

Improve your search results rankings

On April 21st 2015, Google released a new algorithm update. It marked one of the most important changes in the way the search engine ranks websites.
Thus, for the first time in history, the responsive websites were being given an edge over the non-responsive ones.

By having a responsive website you can actually BOOST your search engine rankings and occupy the first page in Google search results! If you want more online exposure and more visitors to your website, making it responsive is the first thing to consider…

responsive web design

Make your website accessible on all screens

What is your target audience? How are they using the internet?
Regardless of their sex, age, marital status or geographical location, most of your potential customers have a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop that is connected to the internet. What is more, a large percentage of them are making purchases from their mobile devices.

Now, a responsive website enables you to SELL to your customers while they are on a train, walking in the park, or in a club with their friends. All it takes is for them to go to your website from their mobile devices, and press the BUY button.
Do you want that? Then click here to see how we can help.

Unrivaled user experience

Talking about sales, if you want to close the deal with a client from their mobile device, you need immaculate website user experience. A responsive website redefines the way you communicate with your clients by highlighting your business top deals and best services in a way that is visually appealing.
This helps to build the Know-Like-Trust factor, meaning that users will come to Know you better (because you are available where they are searching for you: from their mobile devices!), then they will Like you (because your website is easy to navigate, it is branded, and it is visually appealing), and they will eventually come to Trust you (because a responsive website looks professional and works flawlessly across all types of screens).

All it takes now is for the user to click the Purchase button – see how we can help you achieve that!

Now is your turn…

– Do you think a responsive website helps you keep up to date with the latest online marketing trends?
– What are the reasons you have chosen to create a responsive website, and why would you recommend having such a website?
– Do you want your business to be available on all screens?

Click here to see how we managed to come up with practical solutions for our customers and contact us for a personalised responsive website project!

Why make your website responsive?

Responsive website design is no longer an option. With an ever-increasing number of web users accessing the internet via mobile devices, having a website which adjusts smoothly from one size to another is key to keeping your audience happy. After all, we’ve all tried to visit sites on a tablet or phone, only to be greeted by the sight of a tiny version of a website which requires us to zoom in and scroll around in order to navigate. And we all know how frustrating that can be.


Clearly, the only option for a high-traffic, easy-to-use site is responsive website design. Consider the following:

Mobile isn’t the only alternative. Increasingly, web users are accessing their favorite sites with the use of their TV. Design doesn’t only need to get smaller – it needs to be allowed to expand as well, without blowing out the images or other fields.

A responsive site makes shopping easier. If you run an ecommerce site then responsive web design is a must for you. Customers need to be able to see what they’re looking for, choose it easily (without accidentally clicking the wrong item) and then easily enter their payment information.

Younger users are focused on mobileIf your brand is looking to build or maintain relationships with a younger audience, responsive web design will make it more likely that they’ll visit and spend time on your site. Anyone who’s ever spent time in public surrounded by young people knows that using mobile devices is second-nature to the young. So ensuring that your site appeals to them and is accessible no matter where they are will only help your business.

Responsive web design will only serve to help your business grow. And EB Pearls can help you build a site that looks great no matter what device your visitors use. Let our designers and developers improve your chances for success!

5 ways to make money from a mobile app

Business owners considering mobile app development may wonder whether the time, effort and money involved in a new mobile app is worthwhile. And yes, while the cost may seem prohibitive, what many fail to take into account is the array of options for making money from a mobile app. Here are just a handful of examples:

  • Use it as a shopping cart. The easiest way to make money through an app is by linking it to your website’s shopping cart and allowing for purchases to be made in-app. Since so many consumers spend time on mobile devices while they’re on the go, it makes sense to direct sales efforts towards a mobile app to make it simpler for customers to make a purchase whenever the mood or need strikes.
  • Create a paid app. The next easiest way to earn money through mobile app development is by charging users to download. Of course, there has to be a reason for your users to pay, so the emphasis needs to be placed on delivering high quality content and support to those who download.
  • Offer advertising. Perhaps you don’t feel as though there’s a strong enough market for your app to warrant charging a fee and know that your app should be free to download. How do free apps make money? They sell advertising space to other businesses. An Android or iPhone app developer will know the best presentation for these ads, how your users would best appreciate them, how to make them unobtrusive, etc.
  • Sell your app. Even if your app isn’t making money for your business via downloads or sales of your products, you can still make money by selling it to another company who can take it and retool your framework to make it work for their own purposes.
  • Find vendors to white label your concept. Developing a basic app, such as a social media platform, which can be configured to suit the needs of multiple businesses is another way to do the work once, then continue to reap the rewards as your mobile app is purchased by interested customers.

App developers in Sydney can rest easy knowing that mobile app development can be very lucrative for their clients, as well as for themselves. Mobile app development isn’t going anywhere as an industry, after all, and it’s always best to go where the customers and money are.

Why Globalisation Is Important for Digital Agencies

If there’s one business trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, it’s globalisation. Thanks to technology, we no longer live in a self-contained environment. Nowadays if an organisation isn’t willing or ready to diversify and expand itself beyond its country’s borders, it will simply be left behind.

If there’s one industry that lends itself most easily to globalisation, it’s web design and development. Digital agencies capable of working with businesses around the world are most likely to succeed – after all, in an industry where staying abreast of the cutting edge of technology is key, it makes sense that such technology would also enable thinking on a global scale.

app development for businesses

With this global thinking comes networking and expansion previously unheard of only one or two generations ago. While in past generations it was necessary to have many satellite offices if a company expanded on a global scale – not to mention travel expenses and other unwieldy costs – nowadays attending a meeting or assisting a client halfway around the world is as easy as connecting via the web.

Unlike organisations which produce and/or sell physical products and as a result are concerned with the logistics therein, web design and development doesn’t involve such costly or complicated concerns. What it does involve, however, is an understanding of world culture and how a message can best be conveyed depending upon a website’s intended audience. So if a company looks to expand globally, with that expansion must come global experience and continual growth in understanding and relating to the rest of the world.

The way globalisation works in a company like EB Pearls results in a “best of both worlds” scenario for the customer. There’s the hands-on, face-to-face interaction provided by our local team, and the skills and technical prowess of our off-site global team members all working in tandem in order to provide the best possible outcome for our customers. This global way of thinking means that projects aren’t hindered by sheltered or boxed-in thinking; rather, a wider array of options and creative solutions are available.

In the modern business environment, globalisation isn’t a choice – it’s a necessity. But when it comes to the web design and development industry, luckily, globalisation is a natural byproduct of the very technology upon which it depends.

Strategically Growing SME’s With a Digital Agency

Creative thinking can make a big difference in any size business, small, medium or large. SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs – do you want your dreams come true? As an SME or startup, you probably have limited resources, especially when it comes to people.

Technologies now are convergent, which facilitates the easy transfer of data and documents, on the other hand advance communication allows the provision of service at anytime and from anywhere. This has emerged a big question in the world of SMEs and startups, which is better onshore, offshore or onshore offshore.

What are the differences between these shores?

Offshoring is when the entire project is handled in a country with significantly lower cost base. With offshore companies, you cannot have the total control over the project or you cannot get the local reliability. The development process actually cost little but the demand is higher for communication and travel costs.

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