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How to Take Advantage of Referral Marketing

Referral marketing, the modern word-of-mouth advertising

Yes, people are purchasing your products based on what other people say about you. And there’s no other marketing strategy that can beat this practice. The simple reason why people trust referral marketing so much is because its principle is grounded on reviews written by people who have already interacted with your business.

It is so powerful that can either boost your business or even break it. The good news is that there are ways of turning it to your advantage. Even if you receive multiple negative reviews, research has shown that the majority of customers will return to your business if they see you take early action to fix their problems.

In today’s article we will show you how you can start your own referral strategy and improve your referrals

Find out what people are saying about you online
Before making any decision on referral marketing strategies, you need to find out what people are saying about your business on the internet. Many business owners don’t know that, even if you don’t have an online business profile, people are still talking about your business on social media, forums, or on their own websites.

Google Analytics has an entire segment that can help you find out how people review your business and on which websites your brand is mentioned.

Improve the buying experience & Review your team’s attitude toward customers
When people want to buy from your website, the process should be easy and fast. Sending an order should be just a few clicks away.

Tip: When you review your current buying procedures, put yourself in the shoes of the customer and see if you find yourself satisfied with the experience.

Bonus tip: It all starts with you. If you want to increase your revenue, you need people to trust in your business.

Customer service is a really important part in your business, therefore working with a team that is motivated to deliver the best service possible will bring you extra benefits. Thus, even if there is something wrong with your product/service, having excellent customer service will put your customers at ease. Instead of diminishing their trust in your brand, clients will like you even more for being there when they needed your help.

Start creating a referral program
More than anything, people like rewards. So you can reward the customers and visitors that are recommending your business to their friends and peers. You can give them bonus points for visiting the site, convert the money they spend on a product into points, and offer them extra points if they refer a friend and their friend becomes your client.

Make it impossible for customers and visitors not to refer your brand
You already have a number of people who refer your business, but things are constantly moving forward and you need more and more people to refer your company.

Why not place a “refer button” on your website? Somewhere in sight, so you can see it the minute you land on a page. You can also add social sharing widgets to every product page.

Whatever you choose to do make sure that it is almost impossible for visitors not to refer your business to their online communities.

Give a shareable product experience
You should always find new ways to impress your customers. For example, think about the packaging and unboxing experience. Instead of sending the product in just a regular box, you can add a little sparkle to it.

Find a unique way to box customers’ products. Make it look like a gift and add a thank you note. It’s cheap, but it makes an impact over your client. This way customers feel appreciated and, more importantly, they will want to share the experience with their peers.

Ask customers for reviews
Useful tip: No publicity is bad publicity!

People base their buying decision on online reviews. So you should always encourage your customers to review your business online. Having no reviews is the same as having bad reviews, because it indicates you are not willing to build a relationship with your customers and you are not willing to win the trust of your potential clients.

People do read your business online reviews. It has been shown that people read between 6-10 reviews before making a purchasing decision, this is why is important to make your customer review your brand: the more positive reviews you get, the more your target audience will trust your business!

Influencers: bring them on your side
As much as we trust reviews coming from 3rd parties, it’s always impressive when your brand is recommended by a public person. The practice is being applied by basically all BIG brands in the world. It is true, it may be a bit expensive for your budget right now, but you don’t have to hire the Queen of England to recommend your products. You can choose a famous Youtuber, a blogger, or instagrammer – people who have a large audience and numerous followers.

In a closing note, referral marketing is vital for every business, it is the foundation and the soul of every brand. Make sure to keep an eye on what people are saying about you and always try to find new ways to improve your products/services and eventually your business.

How to Make the Most of Captured Leads

Every business owner’s goal is to attract more customers to their business, grow their profits, and stay on top of the game at all times. What are you doing to be on top of the news every day?

When it comes to the online environment your website is the first contact people have with your business. You want to bring new visitors to your website and those visitors to turn them into your customers.

But what if the visitor never comes back to your website? The thing is that the first impression is vital in every domain. And even though the visitor chooses to be just a visitor at first, you can convince them to return as buyers.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a process created to help you manage and accomplish your marketing tasks in a more effective way. Its purpose is to save you time without damaging the authenticity of your content.

More importantly, marketing automation is designed to help you get more traffic to your website and earn new customers. The tool has an impressive effect on closure stages and conversions. More specifically, marketing automation allows you to take care of your leads in the whole buying process, sending them personalised emails and messages.

Email Marketing

Email marketing contains newsletters, emails to keep in touch with your customers and contacts, transactional emails, and campaign emails.

The purpose of email marketing is to strengthen the relationship you already have with your customers, to bring new customers, recycle the visitors to your website, and boost their trust and keep doing business with you.

Did you know? According to Madison Logic 122 billion emails are sent per hour.

Social Media

Everyone knows the power of social media. Having a profile of your business on social media platforms is vital. With the help of social media you can have your visitors following your business and interacting with it on a whole new level. Some of your follower may not be your customers yet, but by keeping in touch with them you make sure you are always on top of their mind when they decide to make a purchase.

Imagine you are posting news, product/service releases, or sharing something on social media; any of these situations is a different chance for you to recycle visitors back to your website.


Remarketing is the strategy that allows you to show ads to people who have visited your website or used your mobile apps. It is an intelligent and efficient method to recycle your visitors and possibly turn them into your customers.

There are multiple ways on how to use remarketing with Google: standard remarketing, video remarketing, remarketing for mobile apps, dynamic remarketing, and remarketing lists for search ads. You can choose to use one of them… or all of them.

5 easy steps to capture leads effectively

Are you starting to lose some ground in your sales department? Are you trying to turn leads into (returning) customers?

In every business one of the most important goals is to bring more and more customers. You need to keep the business constantly moving. But every goal has its little goals, and every little goal has its even smaller steps. And each of those steps needs to be followed thoroughly so you can get the best results.

The same process is used when you want to turn leads into (returning) customers. It resembles a lot with the construction of a house when, if the foundation is not built strong enough, you might not be able to finish the rest of the house.

So let’s see 5 simple methods to turn website visitors into faithful customers and – why not? – brand ambassadors…


While email marketing might not be the “prettiest” marketing strategy, it is still one of the most efficient for generating more leads, conducting them through the sales filter, and building a loyal customer base. Through emails you are always in contact with your audience.

There are multiple types of emails that you can send, among the most popular being:

  • promotional – when you announce your latest promos
  • opt-in – when someone subscribes to your newsletter
  • transactional – when someone makes a purchase
  • newsletter – when you are informing your database about your latest blog posts or news release

The important thing is to be careful when creating the emails. Your emails should be persuasive and engaging but not disturbing.

Extra tip: include images, options for sharing, and do not forget about the call to action.

Form Submissions

The forms should be well optimised with auto responder. The main goal of any sales page is to reduce friction as much as possible. Imagine placing all the questions above on a single, long page filled with requests. That’s some serious friction over there! It would definitely chase customers away from the page, affecting your profits…


LiveChat is software that allows your audience to ask live questions, the best part being that you can answer right away. LiveChat is a great opportunity for you to establish a connection with your community.

They can see how involved you are in your customers’ well-being and how much you care about giving them the best experience with your business. It is a great way to see how you are managing their inquiries in real time.

Phone Calls

Maybe some of your website users don’t have the patience to type in long messages or maybe what they need to talk to you about is more complicated.

Having a phone number available on your website makes things so much easier. It also gives them the feeling that you are always available and willing to listen to what they have to say.

Bonus tip: Thanks to the ever-evolving technology like Twilio, now you can rack phone calls to see how many of them are coming from your website!


Sign-ups are forms where users leave their personal information such as name and email address so they can keep in touch with your business.

They have already purchased something from your website, but you don’t want them to stop there; you want to turn them into returning customers. So you are using sign-up forms to keep your customers updated about your promotions, your latest releases, and your contests. It makes your community engaged and thus increases the chances of earning a returning customer.

In conclusion, the connection you build with your audience is very important. It is a continuous process and you have to take care of it on a daily basis. And now that you know the secrets of building up customer loyalty, all you need to do is implement the strategies and start reaping the rewards of returning customers!

How To Convert Visitors Into Customers

Like any other business owner, your goal is to convert your online visitors into customers. And how do you do it? Why should they choose your business over someone else’s? First of all, you need to deliver quality to your customers at the most competitive price.

Yet the first contact most of your clients have with your business is in the online environment. So, you should consider improving visitors’ experience on your website. How do you do that? We’re about to show you exactly what you need to do.

This week’s article is all about the road you should follow to convert website visitors into clients.

User Experience

Without any fancy definitions, user experience is the feeling visitors get when they navigate your website. Having said that, navigation should be as easy as possible so the website can be accessed by anyone. Finding the information you want as quickly as possible is what most visitors look for.

Sometimes you just can’t make everything “simple”. But, the good news is that even if no simple way to navigate the website you can make the journey interesting. This way visitors won’t be bothered by a few extra clicks. Just make sure a few extra clicks is not more than 3…


The term “responsive” refers to the ability of the website to adapt its size to any device, from desktop monitors to mobile phones. It is an important feature if you want people to be able to access your website at any time.

Plus, search engines are now monitoring the responsiveness of a website, and your business can lose hundreds of visitors if you don’t have a responsive website, simply for the reason that Google punishes unresponsive sites, sending them to the end of search results pages.


Visuals are a key factor in every business, and most importantly on every website. There are multiple types of videos you could create to promote your online business. Having a promotional video for your products can make visitors more interested in your website.

Promotional videos are usually placed above the fold or on landing pages. Plus you can choose to have a blogging video where visitors can see you: the owner of the business. They can see that you are a person and not just someone who is trying to sell the company’s products. It builds their trust in your brand, and when you have their trusts, they become your customers.

Landing pages

A landing pages are created for website visitors to quickly gather information they need and contact us. Its purpose is to persuade visitors into giving their personal data, and most importantly their email address so you can then continue marketing to these users via email marketing. Very often online brands give users something in exchange for their name and email address, such as a free PDF, a free video training series, a voucher, discount coupon, or a secret gift.


As the name suggests, this is a series of emails that are sent on auto-pilot the moment someone subscribes to your newsletter list. Autoresponders usually promote a product, their main goal being to obtain a sale from the subscriber in the next 5-6 days from the moment they subscribed.

If you don’t plan to use autoresponders for closing a deal, its purpose can also be to help you save time, deliver useful emails, and make a nice first impression so you can convert visitors into customers later down the road.


LiveChat is the live support software that allows you to answer your customers on your website as they write to you. It is known to bring an improvement on sales and ROI (return on investment).

LiveChat is an intelligent tool which builds trust in your visitors and potential customers. The main reason for its success is the fact that website visitors are given the chance of talking to a real person and get their answers in real time, instead of having to use the Contact page and wait 24-48 hours for a reply.

Call to action

The purpose of Call to action is to bring an instant response from a prospect/lead by utilizing imperative verbs like “find out more”, “visit us today”, or “call now”.

On a website Calls to Action are similar to banners, or they are usually buttons that lead to a sales page. You should increase its density in order to guide people on the website and tell them what you want them to do.

It is important to keep in mind that converting your visitors into customers is not something that happens overnight, is more an ongoing process.

Do you need more guidance in your online marketing? Do you want to improve your website’s conversion rate, get more customers through the door and more online engagement with your target audience? Then contact us today.

How to Attract Visitors to Your Website via Channels

Would you trust a brand you know nothing about? Would you give that brand your hard earned money in exchange for a product or service you are not sure will perform as expected?

For most people, it is quite hard to trust businesses they have never heard of specially in the online space. As a business owner, the good news is that it’s not impossible to win your target audience’s trust. It might take a while and you should always reconsider your marketing strategies, but in the end it is all worth it. The tricky part? You already have a massive competition who is also promoting their business online. So how do you convince people to visit your website and buy from your business?

In this week’s article, we have prepared a list of activity that you need to consider in order to attract more visitors to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO refers to the visibility of a website in a search engine such as Google. It is a complex combination of strategies that are designed to make your website structure in a way that a search engine understands.

If done properly, SEO improves the number of visitors to your website through a simple process: getting high-ranking places in the search results. If your website is found within the first page of search result you have better chances of increasing your visitors.

Quick Tip: For a SEO complaint website, please contact EB Pearls.


AdWords is an online advertising service from Google that brings your website into the ad part of Google. If you know how to properly choose the most relevant keywords for your business google adwords can bring substantial number of visitors.

Google Adwords is a pay-per-click type of advertising, meaning that you pay only when visitors click on your website or contact you.

Display Advertising

Display advertising can be done through Google ad network or any relevant website from your industry to display responsive banners. It is a great tool for remarketing, once a visitor lands on your website – your display banner ads will follow them whenever they are on display network website. This will help to increase your brand awareness which eventually builds trust among users.


Social media platforms are everything nowadays. And as a business owner you should know the importance of having a social profile of your business.

With a social profile of your business you keep your visitors and customers engaged. And more importantly, you can create a variety of marketing strategies to attract visitors. Social media has revolutionised the way we see, understand and do online marketing.

Referral sites

Referral sites is an intelligent way for you to get more website visitors. These sites will refer your business on their website through a link that sends visitors to a sales page on your website. If visitors decide to purchase something from your website, the person referring you gets a percentage of the sale.

Of course, you should choose a trustworthy website owner to recommend your services, someone you know personally or through a business networking event.

Online Reputation

As the name suggests, online reputation is all about your businesses reputation in the online environment. Watch out! Your online reputation matters more than you think.

How is your online reputation built? It is created by the sum of online reviews you are getting from your customers. If you want to drive more visitors to your website, your business’ online reputation should be flawless.

People tend to read between 6-10 reviews before they make an opinion about your business. For your online reputation to be impeccable, you need to ensure those reviews are all 5stars reviews.

In conclusion, there are a lot of ways in which you can drive visitors to your website. However, it is a lengthy process. But if you take things one by one, you will soon notice an increased number of website visitors. You should always deliver the quality in everything you do, starting with the marketing strategies and ending with the quality of your products/services.

Growth Hacking: How Do You Control Your Online Business Growth?

App development Growth Hacking - How do you control your online business growth

Do you want to have a bigger, better, more successful business? Growth Hacking is a new marketing strategy in making your business grow. And it has nothing to do with “hacking” as you know it.

Who is a growth hacker?

A growth hacker is someone who is focusing only on growing your business. It is not better than a marketer, it’s just different.

Every initiative, strategy, action, and every plan made by a growth hacker has only one purpose: business growth. When you focus on doing one thing, and one thing only, it’s suddenly easier to achieve your goals because you become more efficient in working towards accomplishing your goals.

First: Capture early traction

Set a clear goal

It is highly important to set one goal at a time. One single goal offers a clear image on how to run things.

Imagine you have to cook something at home: at first, you decide the dish you want to make. Knowing the dish, you write a grocery list, then you go shopping. Then you wash, cut, pour, shake the ingredients. Finally, you put them together in a pot and you can see how the dish starts to come alive.

If you have one clear goal you can split it into several little goals that need to be achieved. Day by day, customers by customer, email by email, meeting by meeting, and the list keeps going until you have reached your goal.

Go for the things that don’t scale

The things that don’t scale are the things you will need to do over and over and they can’t be automatic. For example, when Tinder was trying to attract people in using their app, they used to organise parties at US colleges having one rule: They had to download the Tinder app.

Now, we’re not saying you should start throwing parties to your business’ detriment. Just think that during your business road to success, you might need to do some things that don’t bring you an immediate profit.

Already have people interested in your product/service? Use it to your advantage

Having people that already like your products gives you an advantage: they might like your next product/service. So, the smart thing to do is reach out to your existing users and let them know first about your new product developments. Sending them an email with a powerful Call To Action is just the first part of the story:

  • You can give something for free or an offer they can’t say no to – Everyone loves free things. The word “free” on its own will draw attention to your business. Take as example Hotmail. At its opening in 1996, Hotmail announced “Get Your Free Email at Hotmail”. From 20,000 users it moved up to 1 million users in just six months.
  • Start a competition and give one of your products as a free giveaway – Because most people are excited about competitions, especially when they can win something for free.
  • Create a campaign where the existing users mention a friend – This is a nice way of reaching new customers through your existing users.
  • Send emails to show them how to use the product – Showing people how to use your new product can make them trust it sooner, and if they trust your product and your business you might find yourself with a new customer.

Second: Get the first customers

Create the type of product that you would buy too

People really love and appreciate quality. So, if you want to get new customers you need to create an amazing product. Even if it is a redesigning a product that everybody uses, it must bring quality and an extra advantage to the question “Why should I be interested in using this new product when I already have that old product I love?”.

Take as example Tesla Motors. Their excellence in crafting their products make the products sell themselves. And that’s not all. Besides the products’ exceptional features, Tesla cars are electric vehicles, so their added advantage is an environmentally friendly product.

Get the right partners

The right partners not only help you in growing the business, but finding partners that your target audience also trusts will make your prospects look at your brand from a new perspective. It’s the same thing as when you are choosing your friends: Tell me who you hang out with so I can tell you who you are.

Launch on a Tuesday

It is proven that traffic on most websites decreases on weekend. On Friday’s people are too excited about the weekend and on Mondays they are still recovering from the weekend. So, Tuesday is the most efficient day of the week to organise a product launch.

Choose Exclusivity

Exclusivity makes people think that they are a part of something important and special. You can use this to your business advantage. Sending exclusive invitations is a wonderful growth hacking strategy. Think about Pinterest. When it was launched you could get access to it only if you had an invitation. It made you feel like you are part of something really special, an exclusive community that not a lot of people have access to.

Pinterest also sent emails to inform their potential users that the waiting list is quite long, reassuring them that they are doing everything in their power to allow everyone to join. This situation created buzz and everyone wanted to be on Pinterest. In just 3 years, Pinterest reached over 70 million users; they started with just 10,000.

Use branding as leverage (Powered By)

Branding is something that you can use to your advantage in growing your business. For example, you can co-brand an embeddable product or widget.

– Did you know…? Words like “Powered By…” attract 30% more people to sign up. Basically, here you have a free marketing strategy.

Include your company name as part of your real name

If you are leaving comments on blogs or post something in communities, you should consider including your brand’s name as a part of your name. This way, every time you post, people will remember your company’s name too.

It all sounds like a rather simple thing to do, but getting customers is really not an easy job. One of the hardest things to do is going from the prelaunch strategy for your new product into getting customers. This means that you need to build a product or service that has a powerful market requirement. The good news is that you don’t need to get everything done at the same time. The process is like building a house: brick by brick.

Why do you need a responsive website?

Why are all web designers and web developers insisting you to have a responsive website?

You may have heard a lot of people talking about responsive websites, but nobody took the time to explain how come they’ve become SO important almost overnight.
So in today’s article we’ve set our minds on presenting the 4 key benefits of responsive websites and how they came to be.

The birth of responsiveness

Remember when all you could do with a phone was… well, give phone calls? Those days are long gone, as now we use our phones as our second selves. And that’s not all. We also use tablets (thank God for those super-mini-smart-laptops!) and laptops, and smart watches – and what not!

Technology is now available everywhere. Accessible from almost anywhere.
There was only one problem… the websites were not adapted to the size of the screens they were being accessed from.

How can websites adapt?
That’s the question a lot of website developers asked themselves. They noticed that more and more people were ditching the traditional desktop PC and embracing the “internet on the go”: accessing the internet from their mobile phones or mobile gadgets.

Thus, within the last years a technique known as “responsive design” started to gain traction. Nowadays, it is the main and most popular way to deal with “mobile vs desktop” web design issues.

Shortly put, responsive eliminated the need for users to zoom in and out when navigating on a website from their mobile devices.

Can you believe that by the end of 2012 there were more mobile devices than people?
Knowing this, it’s easy to understand how responsiveness has become SUCH an important factor in an online business’ website conversion rate, ROI, profits, and search results rankings.

Improve your search results rankings

On April 21st 2015, Google released a new algorithm update. It marked one of the most important changes in the way the search engine ranks websites.
Thus, for the first time in history, the responsive websites were being given an edge over the non-responsive ones.

By having a responsive website you can actually BOOST your search engine rankings and occupy the first page in Google search results! If you want more online exposure and more visitors to your website, making it responsive is the first thing to consider…

responsive web design

Make your website accessible on all screens

What is your target audience? How are they using the internet?
Regardless of their sex, age, marital status or geographical location, most of your potential customers have a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop that is connected to the internet. What is more, a large percentage of them are making purchases from their mobile devices.

Now, a responsive website enables you to SELL to your customers while they are on a train, walking in the park, or in a club with their friends. All it takes is for them to go to your website from their mobile devices, and press the BUY button.
Do you want that? Then click here to see how we can help.

Unrivaled user experience

Talking about sales, if you want to close the deal with a client from their mobile device, you need immaculate website user experience. A responsive website redefines the way you communicate with your clients by highlighting your business top deals and best services in a way that is visually appealing.
This helps to build the Know-Like-Trust factor, meaning that users will come to Know you better (because you are available where they are searching for you: from their mobile devices!), then they will Like you (because your website is easy to navigate, it is branded, and it is visually appealing), and they will eventually come to Trust you (because a responsive website looks professional and works flawlessly across all types of screens).

All it takes now is for the user to click the Purchase button – see how we can help you achieve that!

Now is your turn…

– Do you think a responsive website helps you keep up to date with the latest online marketing trends?
– What are the reasons you have chosen to create a responsive website, and why would you recommend having such a website?
– Do you want your business to be available on all screens?

Click here to see how we managed to come up with practical solutions for our customers and contact us for a personalised responsive website project!

Why make your website responsive?

Responsive website design is no longer an option. With an ever-increasing number of web users accessing the internet via mobile devices, having a website which adjusts smoothly from one size to another is key to keeping your audience happy. After all, we’ve all tried to visit sites on a tablet or phone, only to be greeted by the sight of a tiny version of a website which requires us to zoom in and scroll around in order to navigate. And we all know how frustrating that can be.


Clearly, the only option for a high-traffic, easy-to-use site is responsive website design. Consider the following:

Mobile isn’t the only alternative. Increasingly, web users are accessing their favorite sites with the use of their TV. Design doesn’t only need to get smaller – it needs to be allowed to expand as well, without blowing out the images or other fields.

A responsive site makes shopping easier. If you run an ecommerce site then responsive web design is a must for you. Customers need to be able to see what they’re looking for, choose it easily (without accidentally clicking the wrong item) and then easily enter their payment information.

Younger users are focused on mobileIf your brand is looking to build or maintain relationships with a younger audience, responsive web design will make it more likely that they’ll visit and spend time on your site. Anyone who’s ever spent time in public surrounded by young people knows that using mobile devices is second-nature to the young. So ensuring that your site appeals to them and is accessible no matter where they are will only help your business.

Responsive web design will only serve to help your business grow. And EB Pearls can help you build a site that looks great no matter what device your visitors use. Let our designers and developers improve your chances for success!