Analyse Your Data & Grow Your Business

To continue fully leveraging your website as a growth tool, you need to analyse your website data. Top tools like Google Analytics, Moz, Hotjar, and Optimizely will help you with testing, tracking, data analysis, and report generation, so you get a clear picture of how your website is performing. Using these tools, you’ll also be able to track SEO outcomes and find out what content is working.

Get to know core terms like conversion, dimension, bounce rate, and A/B testing and why they are so important for your website analytics. In all, you’ll be empowered with the right tools to discover who your users are, how you’re acquiring them, what they’re doing on your site, and how well your website is converting them into customers.

Analysing your data goes hand in hand with specific growth strategies. You now have a great website, so what do you have to do to keep growing the right types of traffic? Keep paying attention to user experience, navigation, and page and site responsiveness for everything from mobile to desktops. Consider integrating video content to generate interest and build trust. Other elements to incorporate are landing pages, auto-responders, live chat, and call-to-actions.

You can also accelerate your growth with a growth-hacking plan, with the help of a growth hacker. An expert can help you capture early traction by setting a clear goal, exploring long-run strategies that might not generate an immediate profit, upselling and cross-selling, and using freebies and competitions. Encourage referrals and provide valuable how-to content that encourages purchases. Other ways to grow include creating an amazing product, working with the right partners, and creating a sense of exclusivity.

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