Android Developer

  • Full-time
  • Kupondole, Kathmandu
  • Mid level

About This Role

As an Android Developer, you will become a part of one of the largest mobile app development companies in Nepal and an award-winning software development company in Australia. We are reinventing the way mobile applications are built, launched and supported, and providing state of the art mobile app solutions to our clients. You will be part of a dynamic and multifaceted team closely working together in a full software development lifecycle.

You will work within a cross functional Agile environment led by an expert Scrum Product Owner facilitated by a highly skilled Scrum Master. You will work towards developing challenging mobile apps that not only enhances our customers’ businesses but also resolves burning issues of people all around the globe. Moreover, you will enhance your expertise in various fronts through our tailor-made professional development programmes.

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 Engineering Manager

Talent Spotlight: What we are looking for Android Developer

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science related degree
  • Minimum 3 years of relevant experience as an Android developer
  • Inquisitive, determined, diligent and has an open mind
  • Logical, tactful, problem-solver, self-learner
  • Zeal towards learning new things and towards growing in one’s career

The Impact Zone: Your Key Responsibilities

  • Study and understand solution design documents provided by the Supervisor to ensure a consistent understanding of project requirements.
  • Write standard codes as per the guidelines codes to develop the project as per technical requirements. 
  • Provide technical solutions/feedback to the Engineering Manager and other team members during the project development process.
  • Perform unit testing of each task completed to ensure that the task has met the technical requirements.
  • Follow sprint and version planning as planned by the Engineering Manager.
  • Provide timely information and solutions/feedback to the Engineering Manager to minimize risks and control deviations in the project timeline.
  • Support the Engineering Manager to assess the real-time status of project development.
  • Work closely with the Engineering Manager to prepare your professional development plan, and work diligently to fulfil planned learning activities.

Expected Strengths and Competencies

  • Experience in Kotlin/ Java (extensions, data classes, sealed classes, objects, generics, inline classes, delegations, type aliases, coroutines, Flow, Lambda & higher-order functions)
  • Understanding of Android Coding Architecture & Patterns
  • Strong knowledge of the latest architecture design patterns like MVVM, Clean Architecture, Architecture components and memory management
  • Strong knowledge of Jetpack Components [ROOM DB, Navigation, Pagination, Compose etc]
  • Experience with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning
  • Experience with Android Studio, Android Components and UI Component, Animation & Design Guidelines
  • Experience with Testing and debugging (unit testing, UI testing and automation) and ability to use Android Profiler, analyze stack trace, and memory leaks
  • Experience with RESTful web services, GraphQL, web socket, streams, and parsing JSON/XML
  • Strong software engineering skills, can design and implement software projects from the ground up.
  • Strong coding and analytical skills
  • Good understanding of OOPS concepts, and Design patterns
  • Experience with DevOps, Git or other version control tools
  • Understanding of the full mobile development life cycle
  • Proficient knowledge of the CI/CD pipeline

Beyond the Basics: Desired Strengths and Competencies

  • Experience with protobuf and Network Protocols
  • Experience to come up with reusable functions/objects that resolve the given problem with appropriate data structures and algorithms
  • Experience in SQLLite and able to perform CRUD operations, complex queries, views, and experts in RDBMS.
  • Strong knowledge in writing queries with enhanced performance and optimization.
  • Should have knowledge of DB migration & mirroring
  • Strong knowledge about handling cache files and directories and expose data using ContentProviders
  • High-caliber proficiency in Android SDK and experience with third-party SDKs and APIs

If you tick all the boxes, join us to unravel your wonderful career. If not, join us to learn and unleash your potential as an outstanding Android developer.

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Competitive and Negotiable

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